Sara Spanjers

Recycled Art & Painting

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"Recycled Art from the Ground to your Heart”
Bottle caps, nails, wires, broken cds, glass, tin can lids and even brake pads can be found in Sara Spanjers' recycled art. Hailing from the Midwest, she has embraced the Southwest as her home and artistic inspiration. Her professional background of painting murals, portraits and landscapes inform her work as she brings a lifetime of artistic experience. Sara sees the potential in everyday discarded objects with the ground offering an endless source of material for her imagination! Using a unique combination of paint, second-hand jewelry, and found objects, her collages come in many forms, from framed pieces to free standing totems. The end results will delight your eye as you explore and discover what she has used in her one of a kind creations. Sara splits her time between her recycled art, and her first love- painting.